"In times of increasing international business and human connections, translation process becomes even more important."
I make it easy.

I only accept documents with which I am comfortable.
Poor translations can be funny at times, but they can also have severe consequences. 
If you want to avoid losing time and money fixing a bad translation, you need a specialist.
As an experienced translator, I am familiar with the terminology, format and structure of legal documents and their preparation, presentation and requirements for submission.



face-to-face, remote, consecutive, simultaneous 
public service, business, legal, conference 

My mission is to make your clients more receptive to your communication.
So you can translate it into sales.

If you are expanding your services or introducing new products to a foreign market, you need more than just word-by-word translation. As a native Polish speaker, I understand the nuances and subtleties of the language and the culture. I also understand how important it is that local documents are compliant with the law.

Well-translated documents build credibility and trust. Unfortunately, whether it is a government, business, or legal document, errors do sometimes happen. I can provide that extra pair of eyes to ensure your communication is flawless and 100% accurate.


I strive to be the most efficient in my job - I never outsource, but I do invest in modern technology. CAT translation tools help keep track of terminology, ensure consistency and enhance the quality of translation. They also allow me to deliver high quality translations faster.


Due to the nature of my translations and the client groups I work with, I am often required to sign non-disclosure agreements (NDA). In addition, I comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Bartosz Orlik – Polish translator and interpreter.
Specialising in legal translations for businesses, law firms, and the public sector.
Based in: West Sussex, UK
email: bartoszorlik@gmail.com
tel: (+44) 07904692521
(+48) 690314995